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For several years DoorBaffles.com has been designing, implementing and instructing customers on the misdiagnosed and often under emphasized dangers of doorway jamb to threshold entrapment, and the precautions home elevator owners should take to protect their children and grandchildren from these safety issues.

3x5 Rule for Home Elevator Door Safety

Over the past several years door baffles have become less and less a choice, and more and more a basic fundamental safety feature when riding home elevators and closing outside hoist-way doors.

It is important that you understand the reasoning behind door baffles, and why we feel door baffles are a safety precaution.   We encourage you to understand there is an ever increasing number of entrapped children who have either been terribly harmed or killed due to the effects of this hoist-way door to threshold gap and door jamb issue.

For years home elevator companies have watched as this child entrapment threshold issue has steadily moved from the shadows of their safety design to the number one issue facing this industry.

Here at DoorBaffles.com, we have watched as the home elevator industry continues to watch and observe rather than respond and resolve an issue that may not entirely be under their control. Yet, over and over again in life, it is often the understanding and the acknowledgment of risk that gives you the power and control to protect your family from imminent danger and harm.

We are here to help you, the home elevator owner, have choices when deciding how you can protect children from their natural curiosities as they are growing up or visiting in your home.

For more information on door baffles, entrapment, and ordering, please visit our “Buy Now” page, to purchase your door baffles.  Have the peace of mind that your family is as safe as possible when using and riding your home elevator with door baffles.